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There’s a whole new way to enjoy younited with your friends and family. Google Chromecast is a low-priced device — only $35 USD — that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and lets you stream photos, video and music to your television wirelessly. From the younited app on your Android or iOS device (iPad or […]


The younited user study with 20 digital service enthusiasts from Helsinki, Berlin and Stockholm is now coming to an end. And it’s been an eye-opener. In the past 14 weeks we’ve gained loads of fantastic insights about what younited users need, want and experience, and many exciting ideas for how we can develop younited. Younited […]

Matilda the hero

Think of a hero. What springs to your mind? Huge muscles and jaw-dropping skills such as flying over the Manhattan skyline or rescuing busloads of tourists in distress? Now think again. Even though I can’t fly over any skyline and am certainly not muscular, I am a hero: a younited Hero. I got handpicked from […]


A recent study has given us many new and wonderful insights about what users feel towards younited. What is the perception of younited and what is it about younited that influences a user’s thoughts and feelings the most? What could we do better and what currently hits the mark? Every younited user’s experience is different […]


I must be one of the most die-hard fans of younited Events. I’ve used the service personally for a good number of private, by invitation-only events, such as cross-country skiing with friends in Lapland, a trip to Napa Valley, an evening of NHL hockey, and most recently, my son’s high school graduation. Without exception, people […]


I consider myself a pretty regular person working in the internet business. I’ve got electronic gadgets for pretty much all imaginable purposes, a nice SLR camera for those special occasions, a Lumia 1020 smartphone that shoots awesome pictures (they claim that you can even make calls with it), accounts in many of the most popular […]


Do you still email documents back and forth with your team? Or those holiday memories from the trip with your friends? Stop doing that – there is now a much better way of collecting, sharing and editing documents, pics and videos together. Get to know younited group spaces. Setting up a new group space is […]