The days are getting longer and lighter, the sun is flirting with the clouds, and we’ve got another amazing competition lined up for Vappu 2014! This time our competition is for thirsty students in Finland on one of the best, most joy-filled days of the year! Younited and ICT gateway organize Best Vappu Ever to celebrate […]


HeartBleed is a critical security vulnerability in the OpenSSL library. This library is widely used on the Internet to provide secure connections, and the vulnerability potentially allows an attacker to silently read information from the memory of a server. This means highly confidential information, such as web server private keys and user passwords, could be […]


Younited Events is all about sharing those cool moments and getting everybody together. We feel that music and gigs especially are a very good example of one the numerous ways users can use younited Events. We’ve just launched a week ago and we want to announce a fantastic co-operation we’ve been working on for the […]


If you are already a youniter, you can skip to the next chapter, else you need to sign-up for younited first. You can download the Events app using the links below or you can navigate to the Events webpage, which will guide you to either sign up or to sign in to Events. If you […]


We have been watching the progress of what kind of images are uploaded to social media, and to the internet in general, and we decided to move with the trend. So, now we can proudly announce younited Cats, a new feature that instantly and effortlessly makes any picture you take into a genuine “cat pic”. […]


Picture this: you’re at a family wedding. Photos are being snapped and videos are being recorded all around you.  Then you think – wouldn’t it be cool if somehow, everyone’s photos of the event could be shared in one place, so you could have all the different perspectives captured on that day? Our newest app, […]


The younited team is constantly cooking up new stuff, and today we’d very proud to announce younited Events! This new app is designed to collect memories from live events – birthday, concert, weddings, anything – in realtime. With younited Events anyone can create either a private or public space for sharing photos and videos. Attendees can then upload content to […]